Monday, June 1, 2015

Goodbye May

We are goobers.
 On this day a year ago (June 1st), we headed north, dragging all our earthly possessions behind us in a small Uhaul trailer. We met the amazing family that has hosted us through the year, and we wondered at all the windmills and the tall Dutch people in this area. It's crazy to think it's been a year, or that May is already over.

Scoping out Mt. Adams
The month of May began with attending a beautiful wedding and climbing Mt. Hood for our own first year anniversary. The rest of the month has been a little nuts. We climbed Mt. Adams the day before mother's day, did not wear sunscreen (definitely a mistake), and showed up at the parents looking like Botox gone really wrong. Aloe Vera is a magical plant. That is all.
Highest summit together.
Exploring waterfalls and lakes with Sarah
Despite being red and swollen, we had a grand time celebrating both our moms and getting to see the rest of the family.

On returning home we had some great times with dear, dear friends, and also a time of renewing fellowship with our generous host family.

It was a blessed week in all respects except a nasty fever that hung with me for eight days before manifesting as what we all hoped it wasn't - the dreaded Chicken Pox. 

You know how they say that it's much worse getting CP as an adult? 'They' are absolutely right.
I think I had 500 blisters.
photographic proof

The lovely Megan was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal weekend of spotty, coughing misery.
She came up to visit over labor day weekend, and we had a wonderful time being sickies in Canada and watching Pixar films. By the way, you know how they say you can't get them again if you've had CP once? Lies. Ben got a very mild flare up of the virus (even though he had it as a kid), probably because of high exposure to a certain other person. hghm.
Thank you Megs for keeping us sickies company!
Now the evil Pox have nearly run their course, and we are almost well again.
This month has gone by so quickly, I have hardly hat time to reflect, but there are a few things I want to mention.

Our host family has practiced unswerving patience and graciousness towards us. It has been such an incredible blessing, truly beyond words, to receive their generosity and to learn about what obedience, intentionality, and godly love look like. Through ups and numerous downs, they have continued to hope and pray for us during this season of our lives. We are so, so thankful to them, and to the God that rules all of our lives for placing us in such an unimaginable position with such incredible people.
So in your prayers for us, please also pray for our host family. We continually pray that God will rest His Spirit in their home and that He will bless them generously for the many blessings they have poured out to us.

Another thing: THANK YOU, to all of you beautiful people who have come up or stopped by to visit us up here in northern Washington. We have been so blessed to fellowship with dear friends and family. It is really great to come down and visit, and we really, really enjoyed our time in the Portland area and in Grants Pass this past month; but it is something else all together to have friends visit us up here. So, Thank you. :)

And two more prayer things:

We are currently in touch with a national born Pastor in PNG who is working on a Bible Translation for a nearby language group. We asked him what his needs are and he said that he has needed a solar panel for a long time. The language group he is working with has no electricity and so he must leave them and go out to a larger village every time his computer battery runs down. I can't imagine what a hassle that would be or how discouraging at times to only be able to work for short time periods due to technology failing. So Ben and I have been praying about getting him a solar kit. We are wondering if any of you would be willing to partner with us in this. The one we are looking at cost about $600. Here's the web address below. Also, if you have ideas or suggestions about an alternative solution, we'd love to hear them!

Finally, this past month we had the privilege of meeting a young man from Egypt named Samuel. He shared his testimony with our Church and we got to meet with him at a home group and hear more about what God is doing in his life and in the lives of other Egyptian believers. He is part of an incredible house church movement throughout the Middle East including over 11,000 house churches in Egypt alone! These home churches are a solution to the many Muslims coming to Christ who are legally not allowed to enter an official Christian Church building. It was so exciting and inspiring to hear about what God is doing in the Middle East. It is also sobering to learn of the intense persecution that many of these new believers are experiencing. We were convicted to be more intentional about sharing in the joy and suffering of the larger CHURCH, the body of Christ that is working His will in every nation of the earth. Please join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters, and if you are interested in learning more about what is happening in the Middle East, check out ICR - International Christian Response.
They have been partnering with the house church movement for over 13 years now!

Okay. Thanks for your patience in reading all the way to the end. Thank you for your love and support. God has supplied for our every need and we look forward to seeing how He will provide for this next semester. This has been and is and will be a grand adventure! Thanks for being a part of it.

Love and blessings,
The Grimms. :D

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