Monday, June 15, 2015

Shifting Gears

 Free of sickness, full of sunshine, and riding high. It has been a blessed few weeks since our last post. Now is the time when we become lazy; when it is easy to slack off and forget the hard lessons we learned under duress. I am convicted of the need to be diligent in my prayers and Bible study; also to ensure Mary and I are doing both together. There is a dynamic present in mutual Bible study and prayer that is absent when we do not regularly do this. I think of the Shemah which embeds the Law in every aspect of daily life. Whether with children, or waking, or sleeping, or walking in the way, or sitting in your house. God tells us to speak of these things in all these situations.

   We took the kids out for a hike at Chain Lakes in the shadow of Mount Baker. The water was mystic and felt either pleasant or bone-chillingly freezing. We all got a bit of sun and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I only wish I had put on a bit of sunscreen; still, I haven't lost any skin and I'm recovering. The kids were lovely little zombies at dinner, barely ate anything and were falling asleep with their heads on the table. It was adorable. I'm still gobsmacked that the two older boys RAN up and down the trail for seven hours. SEVEN. And I thought "I" was in good shape. Humble pie for one?

Moving into next week, I have finished my contract with my employer (May God bless them immensely for the good they did to me) and am out of work for now. I have spammed the greater Whatcom County area looking for work and am checking the online boards each day for new opportunities. Strangely, I am conflicted about how to feel. On the one hand, I am edgy and restless feeling the need for work. On the other hand, I remind myself of the many provisions and blessings God has showered us with. I remember He is the Provider and I name Him such when I pray. Part of me is excited about what He will provide next though I must frequently calm myself and wait for the answer.

Mary will be starting a punishing summer schedule with three classes and three days of the week very full just with classes, not to mention homework. We expected this but after a month of break, its like putting on cold, wet clothes. Two more semesters and we are mission ready. Wow, to say it like that puts our study and training on urgent status. I suppose no amount of practice would "get us ready"; but I can't shake the thought that there is an ocean of prep I need to do before I can be effective in my role as the tribe nutritionist. Mary is unperturbed about all of it; for her this is the end of a very long wait. The first step onto foreign soil will be the start of the real race. For her, she has been getting ready to play in the big game for ten years and only now is the wait over. I am encouraged and humbled. Every day brings her new momentum to pick up the pace, get just one step closer to the goal line.

We are struggling to find enough money to purchase the solar charger for our brother in Papua New Guinea and ask that each of you prayerfully consider whether God would have you contribute to this. Our brother would not need to leave the village every time he wants to recharge his laptop meaning more time for translation and more time for work. We have about 400 to put into it and are in a holding pattern until Ben finds some work. Thank you for your prayer and obedience to His direction.
For all of you who have been with us in prayer and financial support we thank God for you each day. We are humbled by the magnitude of what we are going to do and inspired by the adventure of it all. Someday, we will come back here for a missions trip to bless and disciple and be discipled,  adventuring back home, doing the kingdom work, and reconnecting with the church. The work never ends, but then, it is never NEVER boring.

May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you all,

Ben and Mary Grimm

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