Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mt. Hood - Spring Adventures Part 3

Mt. Hood - Oregon
Summit - 11,239ft. 

This is Mary's happy climbing mountain face. :D
We camped near the lodge Friday evening, with our alarm set for 12:30. Our climb officially began at 1:17am on Saturday, May 4th. The moon was bright and everything was still and very beautiful. No headlights needed.

First time doing a night climb.
We both found a really good rhythm, and found ourselves passing one climber after the next.

We summitted earlier than we anticipated.

We were a little under dressed for the high winds and the freezing temperatures at the top. After huddling under the poncho for a few minutes, we decided the sun would have to rise without our encouragement.
A view of Mt. Jefferson from 2 miles in the air.
We summitted at 5:20. Just in time to watch the dawn.
Hot death - literally!
"I am now guilty of taking a selfie. I am eternally shamed."

We survived and did not break rule one.

Happy Anniversary to us!

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