Thursday, May 7, 2015

Prepare for Snow - Spring Adventures Part 1

Golden Ears - BC, Canada
Early in the spring semester, Ben and I hiked up Golden Ears, our goal was to see how far we could get.

This lovely little 5,600 ft. peak stares me in the face every day as I drive to school. How could I resist the invitation?

Cascades from the side of Golden Ears
I'm not sure why some humans are born with the desire to stand on top of things and some are not.

We set out early in the morning, prepared for Canadian style trails and snow (Just FYI Canadians do not believe in switchbacks. I may have mentioned that already).

It was a beautiful day, overcast but relatively warm. The hike is 15.5 miles round trip, a long approach through forests along a beautiful river. We had a lot of fun and did indeed find snow! :)
A view of the summit.

Ultimately we turned back from the summit, due to the icy conditions. We learn!

In all reality, I think we are both more cautious on the others behalf than we are for ourselves. Fortunately, when we hike together this has the effect of keeping both of us from doing stupid things... ish.

Not today.
 We'll be back for this one in the summer.

Overall, a great little hike. Long enough to stretch your legs, cover some country, and feel good and tired at the end of the day.

Also, we have decided that ice axes would be a good investment.

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