Friday, January 2, 2015

Unexpected Encounters

On the final day visiting down in the Portland area for the holidays, we spent the last hours with our friend Jimmie.

Coffee? Sure. We're all pretty much broke, so let's scrape the bottom of the barrel for a house coffee and some time to catch up.
We were on our way to Shari's when a little coffee house caught my eye. "Hey, turn around! What about that place?" We pulled into the next door parking area and trooped inside. There was a couple lounging on some comfy seats in the corner, and a jolly looking man with a beautifully tended, long white beard sitting on a stool at the counter.
We were informed that the shop was closed for the day but that they still had a little house coffee left which we were welcome to if we wanted some. We helped ourselves and ended up conversing for a while. The couple was celebrating their anniversary. The man with the beard was the owner.
Somehow our goal to go into missions and my master's studies at Trinity Western University came up. The owner said he had almost gone there!
But wait, it get's even crazier.
He had supported and was good friends with a missionary pilot, now in Papua New Guinea! See, this guy had planned to go into Ministry as a Pastor but ended up choosing to dedicate his time to his family and start his business. His little shop had opened months before the economic downturn and yet somehow managed not only to survive but to thrive during those trying times. "You can't see it, but the rafters and door posts of this place are covered in written prayers and scripture verses." This man with his cozy shop and his welcoming attitude is one of the simple saints. This is the term I use to describe those who live their lives in simple, beautiful obedience to Jesus and generosity to everyone they encounter - no frills, no pretensions, just faith and love.
We walked away amazed yet again by the crazy encounters God lines up for us in our adventure with Him!
Oh, and the name of the shop?

It doesn't get better than that.

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