Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years Update

Rambling on Mt. Ranier
Update on Ben
Having settled into full time work at Lynden Door, Ben has not received clear instruction from God in what he should be doing to prepare for the mission field. He is focused on being the husband God wants him to be and asks for your prayer that God would show him what to do. Meanwhile we have met some wonderful people through his job.

Update on Mary

Mary has completed her second semester of school with near perfect marks and is poised to complete her Masters program by this time next year if her accelerated pace holds true; praise God for allowing her to work so well and at such a pace while saving us money in tuition! AAAAND: we are still debt free! Praise God the Provider for what He gives!

Exploring the beautiful state of Washington
with school friends and our host family
We have spent some time with the great students and teachers at various events and found good fellowship and excellent learning from folks who had been on the ground in Papua New Guinea. We are thankful for really good information on what things are like there from several sources (God seems to throw buckets of these folks at us) and good fellowship with strong followers of Jesus who are dedicated to His purpose. 


Jesus appreciation day! Hooray! We are thankful for visits and cards from everyone and sent out...81? This is par for the course in our family. And no college buddies were included in that number. Sorry! It was also fun making the cards (Mary did all the artwork!).

We are continually blessed and amazed by the grace and hospitality that has been shown to us by the Mock family, our hosts. It has been a joy to share bits of the Holiday season with them. We have also been so blessed by friends near and far.

Over Christmas break we were able to travel down to the Portland area to spend time with dear friends and family. One of God's little miracles this month has been providing exactly what we needed for gas and expenses for the trip down and back again. So thank you God! And thank you all of you who prayed or helped us out in other ways! We are continually blown away by the perfect timing of God's provision.

Moving into the new year, Ben will be going back to Portland for a few days in the second week of January for Army Guard drill and Mary will begin classes in her third semester at school. We look forward to the blessings and challenges of the New Year and are truly blessed and grateful to the living God for the privilege of serving Him.


1. What kind of education Ben should pursue (he is a personal trainer)

2. Whether we should attempt to secure visas without Ben having a degree

3. Financial provision for the coming semester, this will be the largest hurdle yet!

4. Wisdom for Ben in communicating better and to be the husband God wants

5. Patience and wisdom for Mary in being a good helpmate for Ben

6. We are currently looking at a laptop for her; please pray God will provide what we need to facilitate her education

We had an answer to prayer when we asked for healing of Ben's back when he strained it a few weeks ago. He has experienced no pain there since coming back to full duty and is reminded of the gratitude we must all show for our circumstances.

We have been provided for in every way from the car we drive, to the place we live, to the funds for tuition and weekly needs. God patiently teaches us again and again that He will provide for all that we need to be able to walk in obedience to Him.

Random joyfulness: we got to go adventuring (Ben's Christmas/Birthday gift to Mary). See picture.

Finally, pray that God will use us to be His witnesses here in Lynden. We aren't needed to accomplish God's goals (He is God) but we sure like the way He weaves us into the story!

Joy from Christ and His blessing on your New Year,

The Grimms

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