Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A very late, late update

I am obviously not a terribly committed blogger. This is the first post we've made since we were married. Sorry.
... Where were we? Well, the Grimms rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.

More accurately, we went north, driving a little Honda Civic that God and Ben's mom conspired together to provide for us and dragging a 5 by 8 foot U-Haul trailer with all of our worldly possessions inside (minus a car load of books that we thought might just break the camel's back).

Ben describes his life pre-Mary like a lazy river meandering quietly along. Now it's more like a whitewater stretch on the Colorado.
But it's all good.

God has emptied us, filled us, poured us out, and filled us again. We have nothing, and we have everything that we need.

I don't know how to relate all of the crazy turns our life has taken since we met or since the day our wonderful community of friends and family witnessed our marriage.We have been desert wanderers, hitchhikers, penniless travelers, mountain climbers, and dish washers. We went from enjoying the security of a wonderful community with family all around to being aliens in a strange land of tall Dutch people with too many reform churches. We have received mind-blowing hospitality and grace, the kindness of man, and the blessings of God.

Recent blessings:
  • God has provided us a place to stay through the generosity of a wonderful family.
  • We are going to church again.
  • We had the opportunity to hear Carl Mederas speak (look him up!)
  • We are both learning a lot about what it means to be wholly devoted to God's purpose.
  • Recently God has humbled both of us through failures and mishaps; and we have had opportunity to benefit from the grace that exists in fellowship with Christ and in His Body. 
  • Mary is in her second semester of her Master's Program for Linguistics.
  • Ben has a full time job with a wonderful company.

Prayer requests:
  • Ben is seeking out how God wants him to be preparing during this season of our lives. Please pray that God would give him opportunities to grow in skills that will be useful in the mission field. 
  • We are both working on staying focused on God. Being married is hard! And we are learning together what it looks like to encourage each other in faith, communicate well, and live in grace.
  • Please pray for our host family, that God would pour out His blessing in their life for the hospitality they have shown us and for the faithfulness with which they follow Jesus' teachings. 
  • Please pray for our financial provision, that we may remain debt free as we prepare for the mission field.

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