Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diving off the deep end

I hate asking for help. There is a very loud, very pessimistic voice in my head that says that nobody really wants to contribute and even if they did, it isn't fair to ask them. Another voice - my pride - says, 'You can do this on your own. Drop school for a couple semesters, work and save up for tuition.' People are being bombarded right and left with pleas for money. Mine is no different. I am passionately pursuing a path that I can't afford and I want others to help me get there.

Ben says, "Mary, this is an opportunity to trust God beyond what we can see or plan for."

Deep breath.

I can always ask for prayer. That is something I know to be powerful and effective. Please pray for us during this coming semester. Nothing is clear but the next step and God has provided for that. So, as a good friend of mine put it, we are trying to 'live in the green light.' That is, go in the direction God gave us until He says stop.

Four tuition payments of $1,710.84. Due each month, the first one now. By the grace of God, we have enough for the first. But what about the second, the third, the fourth? What about car insurance and taxes? What about repairs, and gas, and oil, and....

Another deep breath.

This is an adventure blog. I realize I usually write about past adventures. Well, this is one I don't know the end of, and I am honestly kind of freaked out. For more reasons than one.
Right now I am trying to finish my Masters in Linguistics in order to go into a place where languages are as yet unwritten and create a written language, a program for teaching reading and writing, a working dictionary, literature, and finally - the ultimate goal - translate the Bible for a people who have never read God's Word in their own language. Of course I won't be doing this alone, but how that looks is still unclear. All I know is that it is good that people should be able to read and understand the Word of God in their own language.
Ben is still praying about what God wants him to be doing and how to be preparing. We are both praying for direction, purpose, guidance, clarity. I am prepared to wait and support as God directs Ben and prepares him for His purpose. So far, this is the step that God has placed in front of us. He has given us a place to live, thanks to the generosity of a wonderful family up here in Northern Washington. He has given us a car, thanks to the generosity of Ben's mom. He has provided for us to go through two semesters debt free. This is the third, and He has provided for the first payment.
Ben has a lot more fun with this trusting God thing than I do. He get's excited when we get into places that only God can get us out of. Me? I'm just trying to quell the anxiety and remind myself of every time - every single time - and there are so many, that God has come through in bringing me along in His purposes.

Please pray for us.
If you are open, please pray about supporting us. If you tithe, would you consider donating a monthly amount to our mission? If you do not feel led, please don't feel pressured. God has set us on this road and He will provide for us.
You can email us at mowen10@georgefox.edu if you are interested in supporting us or just encouraging us :) .
Our mailing address is PO Box #808, Lynden, WA 98264

Here's to the next adventure. I am a little terrified at the thought of advanced phonology and tone analysis. I am even more terrified at the prospect of translating God's Word, accurately and well, into another language.
God is good. That is all.


  1. I am praying, Mary. Sounds like you and I have a lot in common in the way we think and respond. You expressed it very well. Aaaaargh. My daily prayer seems to be "Lord, I believe.....help thou my unbelief." I love you, and pray to see much growth in your faith during this coming season.

    1. Thank you, Sue! :) The prayers are very much appreciated. Love you!